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Financial Transitions – What We Do

In everything we do, we challenge the status quo when it comes to wealth accumulation – but more importantly distribution models. We believe these simply don’t work. In everything we do, we challenge the right of the government to tax and confiscate everything that you successfully do. In everything we do, we believe in creating for our clients’ proven distribution strategies, where money is counted as cash flow, and not income; therefore, it is legally not subject to an income tax.

How We Do It Different

We educate people as to how they can recover tens of thousands of dollars they are losing to the government, financial institutions and Wall Street. So that they can achieve their God-given right to financial liberty.

What do you believe?

We believe in teaching the difference between math and wealth

We believe that where your money is, is more important than what it could earn

We believe in revealing the myths of financial education

If we could show you that what you are doing with your wealth is inconsistent with your beliefs, is that a conversation you would like to have?